Friday, 18 January 2013

Out-Foxed In The Snow

So there we are.

Two consecutive Januarys, three league games in each month, and no points. Not one.

Of course, it wasn't for lack of endeavour that we failed. But that we're praised for being a "very, very good" team who pass the ball well and make lots of promising runs and movement (which was definitely the case tonight) is of no consolation. None whatsoever.

Penetration > Possession. Goals > Graft. Always has been the way, and always will be.

There's no point trying to play like Barcelona if you don't have the killer final touch to go with it. One league win on the road since early November does not a promotion campaign make.

Of course, had Now-Not-At-All-Marvellous Marvin's penalty gone in we would have taken a just about deserved point. Yet one must not forget that it was Leicester who always looked more dangerous up front on the night; Either side of David Nugent's winning goal, Nugent had two goals disallowed because of offside decisions that could have gone either way, and Leicester also hit the woodwork three times. For a change, it seemed that Lady Luck was shining on Boro... except, as usual, when it mattered most. The loss of Hoyte and McDonald to injury, and especially any kind of killer touch in front of goal, exemplified this.

Truthfully, the flow and understanding that left us all gushing post-Sheffield Wednesday was only there in spurts. The frustrating nature of the night was ultimately summed up not only by Emnes continuously making the wrong decision, but also by Williams opting to shoot rather than pass to his team mates from a very good position in injury time.

It's got to the point where if we concede one, I don't think we'll score two or more goals. And we don't seem to have the players or morale to solve the problem.

Would an even worse Leicester snowfall have come to our aid, I wonder?

More later.

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