Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bad Vibrations

Sigh... (no pun intended, at all) Why bother?

Writing another detailed piece tonight would merely consist of copying and pasting most of the uninspiring thoughts that have plagued our hearts and minds during this season-destroying freefall. I suppose a clean sheet and a point must amount to some sort of minor triumph, but (a) when your manager has reshuffled his pack (again) in the failed pursuit of a win, when (b) said draw was at home to a side near the bottom of the table, and (c) said point is only our eighth out of a possible forty-five, we have every reason to feel pessimistic and downbeat.

We've become our own worst enemies. We've been spoilt by the heights we reached during the most glorious days of the Moggalution. We've never truly been able to accept that the team's incapability of sustaining the highs attained during the last two years has been hampered not solely by the management (and mismanagement) but also by the economy, amongst other things. To point the finger at individuals, even Tony Mowbray, even our misfiring strikeforce, would be all too easy; it's a collective failure, a combination of both internal and external factors. No one seems to have any faith in Mogga being able to inspire a third crack at promotion; if we survive in this league, that is. It does appear that, as Keith Lamb put it, we will have to make do with the Team We Can Afford - and the fans' uncomfortable reactions to such a scenario. Bad vibrations are being felt all around the Riverside, and everyone seems powerless to do anything about it.

On that note, I'll return to reviewing a story of Good Vibrations, and leave you all to debate our club's future.

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